The Timeline

Feb. 12/00 Put a new starter on the parts truck
Feb. 13/00 Drove the Parts Truck Home, exhaust is broken off 3 feet after the manifold, no rear brakes, power steering pukes it's fluid, 1 taillight, no box floor, but, it runs, and runs quite well

Feb. 19/00 Put the 82 carb. on the 84, runs good, amazed the Computer didn't screw up without all the sensors.
Feb. 20/00 Ran the 84 today, managed to get it stuck with chains on. Once I got it back to the garage, I began removing the front clip.

Feb 26/00 Removed the front sheet metal from the 84 and pulled the engine and transmission.
Feb 27/00 Removed the 82's hood and rad support(left front fender was off for repairs anyway) and pulled the engine and transmission.

Mar. 03/00 Disassembled the SROD transmission, found out why It didn't like 3rd, shift fork was wore out.
Mar. 04/00 Spent 4 hours pulling a NP 435 4 speed out of a 83 F150 HD, and located another 300 HD. spent the rest of the day assembling the engine/transmission, and installing it, changed distributors in the dark.
Mar 05/00 Installed the 82 engine wiring harness on the engine, should have done it before it was put in the truck. Installed the starter, cranked the distributor back all the way(I was fairly sure it was off a tooth or two) hooked up the battery, gave it a prime, hit the switch, and it fired right up. Re-installed most of the front clip, still need supports for the rad. support though. Drove it back to the garage(shifting with a big screwdriver...), tied the engine down, installed the front clip and rad, backed it up, and promptly got it stuck...... Transmission sank the nose of the truck 4"......

Mar. 11/00 Fixed the distributor, removed the rear end and springs from the parts truck, put a shackle on my truck(there was a home made one on it, it was about 1" too long) didn't level the truck out though
Mar. 12/00 Tried to adjust the mixture on the carb, broke the screw off, it's running a little rich, but not as bad as it was, I nearly froze, it was cooold..
Mar. 13/00 Installed a new radio antenna and cable, now I can actually pick up AM stations, removed the cowl while I was at it, unhooked the antenna after I found out it worked, I was too wet and cold to fix the wiper linkage which I set out to fix in the first place.
Mar. 14/00 Replaced the wiper linkage and motor with the ones out of the other truck, the wipers actually work right now. Put in supports for the rad. support, used cab mounts out of the 84. Made up a shifter for the transmission, cut down one out of a old International bus(the piece that goes inside the transmission was about 3/4 of an inch too long,) cracked the dash shifting into low, it has to be replaced anyway.....
Mar. 15/00 Installed the hood, fixed the left front fender and primed it, rewired the taillights, they were an awful mess, about 15 wires going to the left taillight, and about 10 going to the right one.
Mar. 16/00 Put a spring out of the 84 in the right rear of the 82, finally leveled it out, one new F150 spring and one wore out F100 spring don't mix well, 2 new F150 springs make for a much leveler truck after you remove all the spacers that were put in to try to level it out without replacing the spring.
Mar 17/00 Installed the left front fender, the grille, hooked up the lights(them side marker lights are a p.i.t.a.) wired in the backup light switch, lined up the front clip, changed the base on the carb, cut down the mounts for the throttle position sensor on the 84's feedback carb, works perfectly on the 82.
Mar. 18/00 removed the exhaust system, cut the cat(more like a hollow hunk of steel) off, moved the cherry bomb up where the cat was and routed the exhaust out in front of the wheel
Mar. 19/00 Painted the valve and side pan covers off of the 82, found out just how hot it got, side pan cover was stuck to the block, and there was a solid 2" of caked oil, guess there was very little oil getting to the top end, also explains the maxing out of te oil pressure guage when it was cold, and zilch once it warmed up, swapped the wheels for some spares, took them in the garage for cleaning.

May 14/00 Cleaned up the 240 head, put valves in out of the '82 head, one of the orig. '66 valves was burnt off, Chambers are considerably smaller than those of the '82 head.

May 20/00 Installed the 240 head, starter will barely turn it over, but, it is only running on three cyls, think it might have something to do with my ignition, but I'm not sure, don't want to install the TFI-IV from the 84, all those sensors and crap......
May 21/00 Adjusted the valves so many times today that I got sick of the whole deal and put the old head back on.

May 27/00 Changed the intake/exhaust manifolds, one of the mounting tabs was broke off of mine, used the '82 intake and '66 exhaust.
May 28/00 Headlight switch went today, a set of realays will be going on this truck Saturday.

June 3/00 Installed the relays and a switch so that I can turn the high and low beams on at the same time, voltage at the lights went up from 10 volts with the truck running to 15, much brighter.
July 4/00 Changed the front springs, removed the shocks while I was at it, they were shot anyway, the truck now sits like it is supposed to, nose is about 2" lower than the tail(looks like more because of the short wheelbase.)

July 5/00 Installed the TFI-IV ignition system, the Duraspark I dristubiter had a vacumn retard on it instead of advance..... Cut out all the wires going to the computer that didn't have anything to do with the distributer, computer power or ground, only have 6 or 7 wires going to the computer

Aug 13/00 Starter died on my truck, made one up out of parts.......
Got a shifter out of a '78, still not correct, but it works much better than the one I made, and I like the long stick anyway. Ignition died too, had to re-install the DS-II, I'm gonna find a right dist. for it, and stick with it.

Sept 20/00  Ordered a Headman Hedder, pics will come when I get it and install it, I am also going to try installing the 240 head again, hopefully it will work, but I think my problems are ignition related.

Sept 22/00 Got the header and a set of front shocks, will install 'em tomorrow, Hedder has been kicking around since '95......
Sept 23/00 Installed the header, took ~1 hours, very clean install, everything fit in perfect, had to drop the starter to get the header in place, but it was no big problem. I thought my truck sounded good before, but, it sounds even better now, it sounds akin to a Detroit 3-53 2 stroke diesel, and it is a truly unique sound for a light truck, and that is what I was going for.
Installed the shocks too, HD gas shocks, lifted the front of the truck about 1", so it looks like I might need to adjust the camber.
Sept 24/00 Truck has a slight miss at Idle, distributer is worn out, gonna replace it anyway.  Starter died again, guess I'm gonna need a new one.

Sept 30/00 Got a new starter this morning, tried everything except a new distributer, plug wires, or carb to get rid of the miss, truck is missing on the #1 cyl.
Oct. 1/00 Changed the plug wires, dist., coil and plugs, re-timed the valves, miss is now intermittent at idle, goes away at ~1000 rpm, and once, it came back around 3800, but only once.

Oct. 7/00 Turns out it was a vacumn leak, bolt was torqued right, but, it was bottomed out on dirt....
Oct. 8/00 Did some bodywork today, started it in early August, and never got around to finishing it

Oct. 14/00 Put an exhaust system on the truck today, 2" duals, Cherry Bombs, ends at tranny crossmsmber