Parts(In order of installation) Price
Head Gasket $25
Air Filter $5
Oil Filter $3
2¼" Cherry Bomb Muffler Free(already had it)
Delco 6x9 speakers Free
Those first 4 went on the old engine....
Rebuilt 300 HD Free(Parts Truck)
Used NP435 Free
New guage cluster Free(yanked from parts truck)
Home made shifter Free
Rear spring Shackle(new) Free(parts truck)
New antenna and cable Free(parts truck)
New wiper linkage Free(P/T)
1 rear leaf spring Free(P/T)
4 bulbs for Instrument cluster $2.28
'66 240 Head Free
New Coil $20
'82 Intake Manifold Pulled off the old engine
'66 exhaust manifold came with head
Headlight switch Free(P/T)
2 30A relays $10
Front springs Free(P/T)
New tie rod end Free(P/T)
78 NP 205 shift lever Free
Front shocks $48.28
Headman Hedder $246
New starter $75 with exchange
Used distributer Free
New plug wires $20
Rear shock mount Free(P/T)
New exhaust Free(parts were laying around)
New Wiper Motor Free(P/T)
Rear Main Seal $14
1985 Dana 44 TTB $50
197? NP 205 Free
1996 F250 EFI setup w/computer and wiring harness $100
2½" Tach $50
66 240 head-Chev. valve install and mild porting $25(2-4 to pay for machine work)
More port work on the 240 head $75
Cam and related components Free(trade)
Total ~$768.56