My 82 F100 SWB
A.K.A. Frankentruck


My uncle gave me this 153 000 mile truck, and a very rotten 84 with a good 300
The 82 engine had been run 1200 miles with the thermostat, and needed to be re-built, so, we swapped it for the 84 300

This truck seems to have been bought as a work truck, it doesn't have much optional equipment, but, it isn't bottom of the line either, The few options it has are power steering(no power brakes,) the big mirrors, the woven vynl seat, The SROD 3spd O/D  and the 300, but, it didn't come from the factory with a radio.
For drowning out the rattles, it had an old Sears Roebuck tapedeck(probably installed when the truck was new), a Jet Sound equalizer/amp, 2 old 51/4" front speakers, and 2 6x9" Delco rear I picked up somewhere, I could hook my CD player directly into the eq, as it is in the picture above, but, I took the nice old Pioneer Component system out of the Mustang(my whole purpose for hauling that rustbucket home), and, even found the proper Pioneer speaker level to RCA conveter for it, but, the EQ's left channel decided to bite the dust, so, I'm down to listening to those two crappy front speakers being pounded on by 32W RMS x 2, perhaps that's why the EQ bit the dust...
After a headlight switch failure, I added a set of headlight relays, check them out here.
Next thing on the drawing board is finishing the body work and painting it, I'm leaning towards the early 80's Blue and Silver.
The interior picture above is a little out of date, that was taken before the engine swap so the SROD was still in place, there's now a metric instrument cluster and a 2½" tach in there, and the shifter is in a different place. There was a nice 95 40/20/40 split bench in there, but, I threw the factory bench back in with a seat cover on it, works just as well, and, IMHO, it's more comfortabe, most likley because the lumbar wasn't wired up on the 95 seat....

Other things that I'm gonna add when I have money to are a Lund Moon Visor, a push bar or baja style bumper light mount so I can mount my 150 watt SkyRaider off road lights(Genuine 80's stuff, they were hanging in the back of the garage) up front, a long travel suspension and at least 3" of lift, lower gears, and some bigger tires, maybe 35x12.50's
It currently rolls on a set of 31x10.50 Cooper Discoverer LT's that I picked up slightly used for next to nothing.

When I got it
Engine 82 300 I-6 84 HD 300 I-6
Bore 4" 4.030"
Stroke 3.98" 3.98"
Head Warped 82 300 I-6 Ported, SBC valved '66 240
Compression Ratio 8.4:1 9.5:1
Intake/Exhaust Stock 1BBL/Stock single Exit w/blown out muffler Stock 1BBL
Hedman Dual exit Hedder
Cam Stock .247 lift @ .050  Clifford 270H .299 lift at .050
Horse Power 126@3600(likley less due to the massive blowby) 210@4500(est.)
Torque 245@2000(likley less due to the massive blowby) 325@2000-2500(est.) 
Ignition System Duraspark II  Duraspark II
Transmission Ford SROD(3spd with o/d, with a non-functioning 3rd) NP 435 4 speed(6.69:1 Low)
Transfer Case None None
Front axle None None
Rear Axle Open 31 Spline 9" with 2.75 gears Same