I-6 Power!!


This is my (t)rusty '82 F100, and, yes you guessed it, it's powered by a 300" inline six.
I can't think of any reason to get rid of the 300, 7 main bearings, lots of torque, lots of build ability, and, at least around here, they're a dime a dozen.
The 300 is the ultimate truck engine, lots of bottom end torque, low maintenance, and it's easy to do at that. It's extremely durable, and it isn't that hard on gas either. How many other base engines out there have a gear drive cam?

I'm going to try to cover my 300 buildup completely, along with the rest of the truck, this isn't a trailer queen, and it's going to be a daily driver, no extreme modifications, with most in the interest of reliability, performance, and comfort, with a few to make the truck look better thrown in, but I am more concerned about function than form.

There isn't alot of info out there about building I-6 engines, and the 300 is no exception, although they seem to be more common around here than any other six, pretty near every second truck that goes by is a 80-96 F150 with a 300, but, as far as I know, I'm the only person around here who kept their six when they decided they needed more power, but, I'm one of the very few that decided they needed more power....
The 'ol six's first sustained modifications were bumping the cr to 9.5:1 with a heavily worked over 1.94/1.60 valved 66 240 head., Clifford 270H cam, and, a Headman dual exit Hedder, hooked into 2½" muffler less duals....
As for the rest of the truck, it hasn't changed all that much

But, That has changed again... For 4 months, the truck sat like this:

The factory 2.75's still in the 9", it's got a nice new $130 2½" dual exhaust system with some generic lifetime warranty turbo mufflers. As it sits right now, the front clip needs to be lined up, it needs a box, and, it needs paint... I don't like having more than one colour on the truck, multiple shades of the same colour, that's Ok, but, grey, brown and black, that doesn't work all that well... Although in my eyes, the 82 will always look good. Those are 31x10.50 Cooper Discoverer LT's that it's rolling on, and, the leaky 8.8" is installed in that pic.

I've built a flatdeck for it, but, I'm still searching for a box for it at a decent price. I also have to sandblast and paint those rims.. They're only 5 years old, but, the truck must have sat for quite a while.

A few people have asked me about swapping from 2wd to 4x4, it's more or less a bolt on, and a good repair manual will guide you through it, and, if you are interested, a good place to start would be reading Dan MacDonald's article

Want to see what happens when you accidentally park the front drivers side wheel on top of a 4' tall pile of plywood that's underneath a pile of snow? Have a Look here

Among the things that I have added to the rest of the truck are a couple old Delco 6x9's, some chrome door panel trim, a nice 1982 vintage Pioneer Component stereo, and a set of headlight relays, check them out here. The difference in the brightness of the lights is amazing, not to mention I'll never have to worry about a headlight switch going bad.

I've got the sounds pretty much up to date, but, I certainly don't have the pictures, but, not much has really changed in the last four months, and, I have a digital camera now, so, things should be much improved.

Ok, I got it together and back on the road for the end of June 2002, drove it 2100 miles in 3 days, and, well, something catastrophic happened to it while I was working in a fly in community for a week, I came back, fired it up, and the oil pressure was low, by the end of the week, it was REALLY low, so, I bought this:

86 F250 HD 4x4, 460/4 speed... It was $300, with a rebuilt motor...
Click Here and you'll see why...

7 months down the road, I was browsing the truck trader (carburated 460's tend to eat gas when it's -30 out) and came across this picture:

81 F100 FlareSide, 302/4 speed... I wasn't too struck on the engine, but, I decided to drive the 4 hours to look at it anyway...
And, well, it is now part of the fleet also...
Check it out here

Want to hear my truck? This is with the stock pipe to where the cat. converter was,
a Cherry Bomb glasspack welded on, and the pipe exiting under the step in front of the wheel. It sounded good then, but it sounds like crap when I listen to it now.
How 'bout beating it through a field with it off at the collectors??
Or climbing the hill I go down to get to the field?
Or how about a little burnout? The tires are making noise, just can't hear them that well...
How about a bigger burnout? Can you hear the wheel hop?
Now, the good stuff, with the 270H installed.
Off at the collectors idling
Or, a trip to 5500 rpm
Wanna hear some trail work?
Or, how about another listen to that idle?

Want to see what I've installed so far?

For you EFI guys, the 19#/hr injector swap

The Truck
The Engine
The Engine Swap
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