The Engine
AKA: That thing under the hood that makes the whole truck shake, rattle, and roll


Yup, that sad looking piece of equipment is my re-built 300 HD, the casting number on the block is illegible because of rust...
Notice all the TFI-IV junk that's on it and the light duty alternator/air pump bracket and exhaust manifold, that was all put on it when it was redone, it was bought as a re-built long block. You wouldn't think that it was totally re-built by the looks of it, but, it sat around a good 2 years before I got it, and put in a few season's at the warf before it sat, needless to say, there wasn't much left of the donor. I pulled a new cam and timing gear set out of it when I put in the 270H, and, everything else I've touched inside it was brand new, so don't always judge a book by it's cover.

It certainly isn't stock, as it sits, it has a Hedman Hedder, a Clifford 270H cam,  and it's bored .030 over (hey, at 304.6 Ci, it's a real 5.0!) And I have a GM based EFI system almost ready to test, there are a couple turbos associated with that, and I won't be trying anything drastic until the spring.
I traded some parts for the Clifford 270H cam, hyd. lifters springs pushrods etc.
Thank you very much Eddie.

This is what things under the hood looked like before the headers and, except for the fact that I use a breather/oil cap off of a 66 240, which is visible in the next picture.

This is with the headers in place, notice the modified alternator bracket, that rope is a very temporary battery hold down... Being a daily driver/four wheeler/you name it, it does it kind of rig, keeping things underhood clean isn't the top priority, and it isn't an easy task either....

This is the modified alt. bracket, I cut off the useless air pump part fo the bracket, and clearanced the back of it to clear the #1 primary. The clearancing is required unless you get a HD bracket. And, there isn't really a way to hook up the air pump, so, you may as well eliminate that part of the bracket too.

Those ports are a little bigger than 302/351W ports no? The 300 has much more in common with the 400 than the 302 it is commonly compared to. With a 4" bore and 3.98" stroke, it's cyl. displacement is nearly identical to that of the 400, which makes it much more big cam friendly than a 302. It idles at 500 rpm and pulls ~14" of vacum doing it with the 270H....

The head on the top is the one off of the '66 240, you can't really see the difference in combustion chamber size here, but the 240 has much smaller chambers. I have run it off and on since I got it, it now has a very good port job, SBC 1.94/1.60 valves in it and is on the truck. If anyone is looking for one of these, the casting # is C6AE-C5, the 82 head on the bottom is casting #D2TE-BA