My 81 F100 SWB
A.K.A. Money Pit

Just a small change in altitude, and attitude... Went from 275/60R15's to 31x10.50's.


I bought this truck for $2100 USD, and, it is VERY similar to the 82

It doesn't have much optional equipment, but, it isn't bottom of the line either, The few options it has are power steering(didn't have factory power brakes,) the big mirrors, the woven vynl seat, The SROD 3spd O/D  and the 300, but, it didn't come from the factory with a radio. It has the full factory guage package(with tach) and, according to the build sheet, came with the 'Free Wheeling' package
For drowning out the rattles, it had an old tapedeck hooked to the stock dash speaker... I did find speakers in the door panels that haven't been used since they were covered.
On the to be added list: 33x12.50's. On the to be deleted list: You'll see it as it goes... Deleted so far: Steps and fog lights, 302 swapped for 300, SROD blown up and replaced with NP435. 2wd front end swapped for a TTB

When I got it
Engine 81 300 I-6 D4 block 302 84 300 HD
Bore 4" 4.? 4.030
Stroke 3.98" 3.00 3.98
Compression Ratio 8.4:1 ? 9.5:1
Intake/Exhaust Stock 1BBL/Stock single Exit Edelbrock Performer 289/Holley 600 Vac. Secondary
Stock Fox Chassis 5.0 headers, duals and glasspacks
Offy C series and a 600 Holley 
Hedman Dual exit Hedder
Cam Stock .247 lift @ .050  Unknown, but big Clifford 290H .319 lift at .050
Ignition System Duraspark II  Duraspark II Duraspark II
Transmission Ford SROD(3spd with o/d) NP 435 4 speed(6.69:1 Low) Still had the SROD when I got it, but, I killed it NP 435 4 speed, 6.69:1 low
Transfer Case None None NP 208, fixed yoke output
Front axle None None 3.50 geared D44 TTB
Rear Axle Open 31 Spline 9" with 2.47 gears Limited slip 3.50 geared 31 spline 9" Limited slip 3.50 geared 31 spline 9"