Noo, evil V8 power

Ok, so, yet another FlareSide, you'd have to own one to understand, these trucks are rarer than you might think, and having one can become highly addictive.... Even though there was alot of stuff on this truck that made me cringe because it was going to be costly to restore to my liking, I still had to have it.

From the factory, the truck was equipped with a 300/SROD(sound familiar?) and 2.47 gears(yeech.) As I got it, it still had the SROD, but, it's sporting a 302, and 3.50 gears with a limited slip. Yet again, the SROD ended up DOA(my fault this time though), and, I swapped in the NP 435 out of the 82 for now.

After a whole lot of doing nothing with the truck due to my dislike for the engine, my buddy came to me looking for an engine for his 84 F150 4x4, his 300 threw a rod through the block... I siezed the opportunity, the 302 is now his, and, my 300 is due to replace it in the next few days. This truck shall be a contiuation of the project that the 82 was. It's getting converted it to a 4x4...

Update: Sept 09/03:
300 is in


It's even uglier than it used to be, but, some paint will cure that. It's hooked to the NP 435 with a cast iron bellhousing, overkill to most, but, I broke the stock aluminum one, managed to nail a rock with it without hurting the oil pan...

Update: November 13:
Front end is in, 31x10.50's are on, truck is a 4x4 in all but transmission

Looks weird with 275/60R15's and that ride height doesn't it?

Update: Nov 20/03:

Now, that's a truck no? Sure, 33's would be nicer, but, I got a sweet deal on those 31's

What the 302 sounded like:
For those of you with fast connections(video)
For those of you who'd rather listen

The Truck
The Engine
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