The Engine
AKA: That thing under the hood that makes the whole truck shake, rattle, and roll


The P/O told me this was the stock origional engine for the truck when I called... Emissions sticker says 4.9L, and, that ain't no stock 302.

It certainly isn't stock, as it sits, it has Fox chassis 5.0 HO headers, a large, but unknown cam,  Edelbrock performer 289 intake, Holley 600 vac. secondary carb, and a whole bunch of Ford Motorsports goodies...

The builder was a bit of a dipstick, as, well, it has no dipstick.... LOL
It's got a rear sump pan and the dipstick in the front cover.... Needless to say, it does nothing when it comes to telling you how much oil is in the engine.

This was all well and good, wut, when the opportunity came to put my 300 in there, I took it...

It's big, ugly, and, it's in there.