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Below are pics of Don's old stereo installed in a 1997 Mitsu Mirage.

This is the first pic of his trunk.

This is the second pic of his trunk.


Don has wrecked his phizat rizide on November 10, 2000. Being as I've already wrecked a truck, we've decided to post the pics and get your reactions.

Here's a pic of our vehicles together. Ironically, my stereo came out unscathed, while he lost a set of Boston Pro's and his Eclipse 7001.
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4.9L Engine Pics

Here's the fuel injection fan.

Here's fuel rail itself.

Here's engine compartment.

And here's a pic of my father's mower. He hasn't let me touch it yet, but I will get a supercharger (aka smog pump) on that bad boy.